Blunt noises blended with new romantics sounds submerged in Wageningen, The Netherlands in the early 1980’s. Formerly well known in the area as Wageningen Utility Kitchen, Swazi Cru, the Trixies a group of punk oriented musicians and jazz oriented scouted talents ( ) hit the local charts with an array of never to be hit singles. In fruitfull decades, the studio released many items as records, video’s, paintings, scripts and others. Most of these are lost or archived in Svalbard Global Sound Vault.  Illegal copies however have been released under the flag of Creatorpig Multimedia Lab.
Within the foundation various albums got released under three record labels: (1) The Good, the Band and the Ugly Records, (2) Non Stop Afgang Records and (3) Lost Windmill recordings & Gringo records. With the opening of a new studio in Renkum in 2000, the Swazi Cru Collective and Creatorpig Multimedia Lab were transformed into ZoroFaster and ready to go.

Members 1985-2000: Willy Simons, Koen Boschman, Pieter Joop, Diane Wolters, Debessay Tewodros, Michiel Michels, Joek Roex, Marcel van der Does, Titia van der Ploeg, Mark de Vries, Koen Wessels, Jan-Kees Dieleman, Gern Huijberts, Jeuf Spits, Wim Schermerhorn, Ton van Dortmont, Jan Luijten, Jon Duynhouwer, DJ Ruiner, DJ Nebula Jr, Matthew Winpenny and Dreadzone.

Members 2000-present: Pieter Joop, Ton van Dortmont, Ioana Amarita, Winand Bijlmakers, Toby Wilson, Marcel van der Does, Koen Boschman, Gern Huijberts, Inge Vogel, Frank Roozen, Damjan Kapor, Sietse Joop, Berbele, Mettele, Peluyene and Paroene van den Bosch, Tjerk Koopmans, Frank Pieplenbosch, Ronald Donderbroek, Vera Coach, Yng Pingas/ Quentin, Nickalia, DJ Nebula Jr, Nickalia Brown, Russell Taylor and Jeremiah Kelly.

Written on April 5th, 2017

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